Saturday, February 12, 2011

Johann Sebastian Bach - fugue in G minor, "Little" terribly mangled by me

I think I just did something quite horrible.

Maybe I didn't, though. I'm just not sure how I would label taking a MIDI rendition of this classical piece of organ music, replacing the instruments with mostly random synthetizer plugins, speeding the whole thing up a bit and slapping a drum'n'bass drumloop on top. Mindless, maybe. It is an uninteresting piece of crap that sounds a whole lot worse than most of the other renditions. Still, it is a concept. I think I should - someday - make a more serious effort and really turn a classical piece into a full-blown electronic track. It has been done, obviously. But it needs to be done more and hell, why should I not do stuff that needs to be done?
My sleep-deprived ramblings aside, here is the result of my (unbelievably little) effort:

Feel free to flame me for this. I think I deserve it. I think I just needed to make a video and the overwhelming desire made me forget about things like quality. It happens to the best of us.

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  1. Dude relax its cool. Keep going man. And knock of the invitation of the are talented bro...seriously. You are on to something very cool here I know MANY pros...just keep going. the trills are great. Nice work kid. Awesome. Keep going. I particularly did the 2:15-2:50 are getting with the tune. Keep up the Glenn Gould Love....Keep going you awesome little bastard!!!

  2. Not sure why you're being so critical of yourself, it sounds great to me. Of course my musical talent amounts to zilch, so everything like this that people make is gold in my eyes.

  3. Damn man that was impressive to listen to thank you for sharing it.

  4. damn nice work arounds I like I like , This song is amazing.

  5. This is great stuff man. I agree with the above, shouldn't be so critical of yoruself.